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Skin Care & Esthetics

Program Description

Skin Care & Esthetics

Skin Care is an art and a science that teaches preventative care for skin and offers treatments to keep skin healthy and attractive. The Skin Care/Esthetician program provides 600 hours of training in nutrition, facials, business management, cosmetics, and hair removal. It includes the artistry of makeup to beautify the facial features by the skillful application of cosmetics. 

The skin care program includes specialized classroom training through the use of demonstrations, videos, and live models in clinic service. Training consists of skin analysis and learning the physical and chemical effects of skin care products. Students are taught ethnic, postoperative, and corrective make-up techniques, as well as cosmetic differences for day and evening. Correct selection of the products for different skin types and correct procedures for facials, with and without use of machines, is also emphasized. Graduates may be eligible for the Esthetician license upon program completion. 

The development of positive attitudes toward personal growth and development necessary for successful employment is a program priority. These attitudes include pride in one’s work, a sense of responsibility, and the development of self-confidence.

Instructors: Olivia Amorosi ( & Benay Williams (