Application Information

  • If you are interested in attending Applied Technology High School @ Bergen Community College, please read the following information.

    Attend an Open House program. Our open house programs are designed to help you make a choice. You will learn a lot about the school at an open house program. Bring your parent(s)/guardian(s) with you and talk to them about the school and your personal high school goals.

    Consider what we look for in students. Applied Technology High School accepts students who have a serious interest in pursuing technical and academic studies toward a college placement and/or a technical career. The ideal candidate will be strongly motivated to advance in a technical discipline complemented by an academic curriculum that includes dual-enrollment courses taught by Bergen Community College faculty. We emphasize teamwork in our classes, requiring maximum participation by all students, and encourage students to help one another to succeed. Applicants should be prepared to exhibit a high level of personal ethical standards, including integrity and responsibility to self and others. The school looks for prospective students who exhibit strong interpersonal skills, a commitment to excellence, a desire to become part of a unique high-school-within-a college, and the potential to become active contributors to our dynamic learning community.

    Make your decision. It is your education. Do you think Applied Technology High School is right for you? Visit our web site and read about our school so you can make an informed choice

    Meet all application deadlines and requirements. Follow all instructions on our admissions web site. Be sure to print forms for your counsellors and teachers and submit them as soon as possible. We do not accept late applications.