Visions academic activities and social events.

The students in Mrs. Von Ende’s class participate in academic as well as social activities on a daily basis.  While some subject areas are covered right in our classroom, a number of students take additional courses in the mainstream.  In order to access the general education curriculum, they are provided with the latest technology resources, including chrome books with voice recognition features, laptops with adapted keys, ipads with communication aps, just to name a few.  Students are fully engaged during their mainstream experiences.

The Visions class is also invited to participate in all the social events taking place at Parkway School.  During the last few months, they have gone on Science and Social Studies field trips, participated in a special “Shark Tank” project, and enjoyed a visit from one of the Harlem Wizards basketball players.  They have even experiencing some outdoor fun during the winter season, including a special “snow day” and the inauguration of our new swing set.


Visions Social Events

Visions Social Activities

Visions Snow Day 2019