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Gerald Golden

Mr. Gerald Golden began his career with Bergen County Special Services in 1997 as an Occupational Therapist.  For the next 21 years he spent each day working with the students at Bleshman Regional Day School.  His enthusiasm, positive attitude and dedication has impacted the students and staff that he has worked with through the years. Mr. Golden is very involved in the School Spirit committee and the monthly school-wide special events.  Mr. Golden served as President of the Bergen County Special Services Education Association from 2016-2018. 

 In 2005, Mr. Golden started the Career Awareness Center.  He created stations that offered students the opportunity and experience in performing jobs found within their community. Partnerships were created with the Bergen County Health Department as well as the Bergen County Utilities Department, both of whom offer grants to support the programming at Bleshman.  Mr. Golden facilitated connections with the Bergen County Academies SPARK program for our Annual Luau and the Bergen County Technical High School in Paramus in bringing the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser to Bleshman.  In 2008, the Career Center was nominated for the Innovations in Special Education Award sponsored by the New Jersey School Boards Association.

Out of the many activities Mr. Golden has assisted with through the years, he is most proud of his involvement in bringing the Special Olympics to Bleshman.  He coordinated the efforts to have students participate in bowling during the fall season and track and field during the spring season.  The Special Olympics provided our students with the opportunity to not only participate in sports, but to experience the camaraderie found within that team dynamic.

The Bergen County Special Services School District and Board of Education would like to thank Mr. Golden for his years of dedication and wish him a long, happy and healthy retirement.


Gerald Golden