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Elizabeth Schragen

Ms. Schragen started her career with Bergen County Special Services on January 16, 1985 at the Norman A. Bleshman School. From Bleshman she went to Midland West to Montesano, to Cliffside Park to Emerson.


Ms. Schragen has worked with many different student populations throughout the district.  Her lessons are multi-sensory and engaging.  Ms. Schragen is able to provide students with an academic base as well as real life, daily living skills they need to be as successful as possible.  Ms. Schragen naturally builds in an assessment element in her teaching to ensure that her students are understanding the material being presented.  She has spent countless hours searching curriculum, internet, data bases or hand making materials to enable her students the best possible knowledge of the curriculum. 


Ms. Schragen has a tremendous repertoire of successful activities.  She is always willing to share her vast experiences, time and talents with colleagues and novice teachers to enhance student performance. 

Ms. Schragen has worked diligently with parents to aid them in securing the best possible education for their child.


The Bergen County Special Services School District and Board of Education would like to thank Ms. Schragen for her years of dedication and wish her a long, happy and healthy retirement.

photo of elizabeth schragen