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Suicide Awareness Prevention Week Sept 4-10


As you have just begun to open your doors and your students are finding their classrooms/cubbies/lockers, receiving books/computers, meeting new friends and more, there is no better time than now to start the conversation regarding emotional wellness.

Your warm greetings, your open, caring manner, your willingness to listen have always been the classroom essentials that outweighed any tool purchased.  Remind the students and the parents (Back to School is on the horizon) of the information, the resources and the tools at everyone’s disposal to engage in conversation, to express one’s feelings, to increase mental health literacy, to reduce stigma, to support one another and to care for oneself.

Below are some great websites with special information surrounding Suicide Awareness Prevention as well as Mental Health in general.

Make sure you add in some extra self-care for this week as you will be doing so much for others.

Be Well!

  • Stephanie Hartman, Mental Health First Aid Training Coordinator
  • Michele Hart-Loughlin, Director – Community Engagement and Special Projects
  • Nicole Chiarello, Director of Development