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Venture Summer Program Highlights

Venture Summer

This summer has been filled with wonderful opportunities for the students to put down their iPad, sign off of Google classroom and put on their sneakers for fun new adventures. Only half way through the summer, the students have experienced life as Mario Andretti zooming around the go-kart track, testing their abilities navigating the Palisades four floor challenging climbing course, and experiencing mindful walks communicating with nature at the Celery Farm in Allendale and the NJ Botanical Gardens. The Incredibles 2 was really quite incredible and looking forward to some more upcoming movies.

When not out and about Venture students have become involved in reading the play Peter Pan,( ELA), making pizzas ( Math) swim instructions (PE) and creating the summer Venture newspaper, which is filled by researching this day in history, providing fashion advice, illustrating comics and general interest stories.  It’s quite apparent the fun that the students are having just ‘hanging’ together-talking, socializing and just being kids enjoying a fun summer at Venture.