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Gateway High School Program Initiatives/Highlights

      The Gateway students were given an opportunity to experience how much work it takes to become an independent adult.  They started their day by deciding on what they need to buy at the supermarket. While at the supermarket, they needed to price compare, purchase all necessary ingredients, and stay within their budget. Once, they arrived at The Garfield House (satellite location), they needed to make the necessary preparations to start cooking their meal. Each student was assigned a task as part of their contribution in the preparation of their meal.  

     Once the meal is done, someone is responsible to set the table, food is served family-style, and they get to enjoy the delicious meal they just cooked. After enjoying the meal, they all must work together in cleaning up the dining room and kitchen, which includes washing and drying the dishes, and making sure the rest of the house, is tidy. Lastly, they get some time to unwind, socialize, discuss any changes they would do for the future visits, and most importantly think of delicious menu items for future visits