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Animal Care & Veterinary Assistance

 Program Description

Students in the Veterinary Assistant & Animal Care program learn grooming for all popular breeds of dogs and cats. During their Junior year students will choose to focus on one of two tracks: Animal Care, which will include grooming specific breeds and competitive grooming, or Veterinary Assistant, a track of study leading to a career as a veterinary assistant and/or preparation for entry into a veterinary assistant  or veterinary tech postsecondary program. 

Upon successful completion of the grooming program, students are prepared to work in local veterinary hospitals, grooming shops, and boarding facilities, as well as large retail pet stores. 

The Veterinary Assistant program is designed to prepare students for careers working with a variety of animals in different settings. The program is certified by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA.) Students can choose to take the NAVTA national exam to become an Approved Veteri-nary Assistant upon graduation or opt to pursue postsecondary education as a veterinary assistant or veterinary technician.

Instructors: Daelene Vrabel ( & Rachel Arena (