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Autism New Jersey’s Annual Conference

Autism New Jersey is the state’s largest non-profit agency of parents and professionals advocating for individuals on the autism spectrum. Every year Autism New Jersey holds a conference in Atlantic City which provides information and networking opportunities to people in the autism community. For the seventh year in a row, members of Bergen County Special Services Behavior Analysis Department presented a workshop at this well attended event. Marissa Gynn-Ricafort, Supervisor in the Autism Continuum, and Kelly Balon, former BCSS behavior specialist, spoke about class-wide behavior management systems to support students on the spectrum in inclusive settings. The audience consisted of about 70 participants and included teachers, child study team members, administrators, and parents from all over the state. The feedback from the attendees was highly positive and appreciative of the practical information which could benefit students with autism and their neuro-typical peers. If you would like to attend a presentation given by the Behavior Analysis Department, look for upcoming workshops hosted by Bergen County Specials Services CAPE Center.


Autism NJ