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Playgroup for children with autism!

Hi families,

A group of us are trying to get a new playgroup going in Bergen County this Spring!

The way we see it working is that each family who joins signs up to host at least one playdate a month for other parents in the group (but it can be more!) It can be as simple as a playground meetup, potluck, trip to the zoo or something more creative, like an arts and crafts activity at your house. Parents will also be able to reach out directly to families to arrange 1-1 playdates or swap childcare.

Our vision is to get a really inclusive and welcoming community of parents together here in Bergen County.

We’re using to handle all the logistics, so if you’re interested in joining our local group, all you have to do is go to It’s free to join. Their website does all the work of helping you see what playdates other group members are hosting nearest you, tracking RSVP's, reminding families to come and also has an option to swap childcare from other families in the playgroup!

The special link to sign up or express interest in being part of our group is

You are welcome to share this link with friends outside the yahoo group, but we just request you only invite people you know and trust (and ask them to do the same).

It takes a village to raise a child so let’s build one here in Bergen County!

Best, Ashley
Parent to 2 under 2

Ashley Williams

ps. BTW, if you’re not based in Bergen County, it’s pretty easy to get a group going near you too. Feel free to reach out and I’ll share how we got ours started.