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Titanium Knights Team A then placed 5th in the state championship.

Both of BCA’s two Titanium Knights robotics teams advanced from the regionals to the FTCNJ State Championship. 


Titanium Knights Team A then placed 5th in the state championship.  


Congratulations Titanium Knights! 

Captains and Team A Members: 

 Ari Kamat 

 Vijay Tummalapenta 

 Anthony Li 

 Sera Hamilton 


Team A Awards: Inspire Award 1st Place at Leagues, Finalist Alliance at Leagues, 1st Place:  Think Award at States, 3rd Seed Semifinalist Captain in our division at States, 5th Place: at States 


 Ai Takubo 

 Alice Zhang 

 Alisona Le 

 Benjamin Brnic 

 Kaitlyn Chang 

 Luna Lee 

 Vedic Patel 


Team B members: 

 Aarnav Sabale 

 Emilio Aleman 

 Gabe Ashkenazi 

 Ken Buonora 

 Parth Kabaria 

 Ria Kamat 

 Riyashi Varia 

 Sahil Voona 

 Tanush Tammanagoudar 

 Umar Mustafa 

Team B Awards: Control Award at Leagues and qualified for states