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  • 1 The Secondary Hearing Impaired Program (SHIP) for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, located in Hackensack High School, educates deaf and hard of hearing students, ages fifteen through twenty-one, from 10th to 12th grades. SHIP/ Hackensack provides a unique program offering education for students using a Total Communication approach, a combination of sign language, speech, and audition. Students may be mainstreamed in all academic and elective classes according to their needs. A teacher of the Deaf assists as needed as Teacher Consultant.  All course options are available with the additional support of Educational Interpreters. Students in the program are eligible to participate in school clubs and after-school sports. SHIP/Hackensack follows the Hackensack High School General Education curriculum and grading procedures.

    Students who participate in mainstream classes benefit from the assistance of a Consultant Teacher of the Deaf who is available for classroom visits on a weekly basis as well as for providing accommodations and modifications to all school work. The teacher of the deaf is a Teacher Consultant offering a continuum of support services in mainstream classes depending on students' needs. The regular education teacher brings experience of content knowledge, while the teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing provides strategies and instructional methods that assist all students. Consultant Teachers of the Deaf, general education teachers, and Educational Interpreters work to ensure that all students are well served by this teacher consultant model. All options are discussed with prospective students and their families. Mainstream class levels are decided with respect to the needs, language abilities, and strengths of each student.

A Message from the Principal

  • photo of student Bergen County Special Services (BCSS) has bestowed upon me the honor of appointing me Principal of the Hearing Continuum. Being a teacher within the continuum for the last 18 years has provided me with an understating of the unique needs of our students, a knowledge of our programs and a respect for expertise within our staff. My vision is to continue to provide the most current and comprehensive programs for students with hearing loss alongside staff and families.

    Our partnerships with Hackensack and Midland Park Public School Districts affords our students opportunities in the general education settings. Collaboration will be the key to success. I look forward to continuing to build relationships with the administrative teams and dedicated staff in both districts as well as our specialized and talented staff who provide instruction and support to our students.

    Joining me in this vision and journey is Lisa Stewart, Supervisor of the Hearing Continuum. Together, with our combined experiences in educating students with hearing loss, our goal is to continue to support our program, students and staff to make Bergen County Special Services Hearing Continuum the best it can be.photo of student

    Hearing Continuum:

    • HIP- Union Street School, Hackensack
    • SHIP- Hackensack High School
    • HIP- Godwin & Highland Schools, Midland Park
    • SHIP- Midland Park High School
    • Sound Solutions, Itinerant Services
    • STARS Early Intervention Program

    We are thankful for the professional and experienced staff at all the sites for their commitment to our program and their students. 

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