BCTHS- Bergen County Technical High School, Paramus Programs

  • BCTS, Paramus offers educational opportunities for high school students who reside in the County of Bergen.

    The campus offers both full-time and shared-time programs. The full-time program is designed for students with learning disabilities and provides both academic and technical classes. The full-time program meets New Jersey high school graduation requirements.  The shared-time program provides the opportunity for high school students to gain an educational experience in various technical and career areas while they continue to complete academic requirements at their local high schools.

    Full-time Option
    Students for the full-time option are selected upon application to the school during the eighth grade year for entrance as ninth graders. Pending space availability, some students may qualify for admission as tenth graders. Once students are offered admission to the school, each student will be enrolled in both an academic program and a technical program that addresses his or her unique learning style and meets New Jersey high school graduation requirements. Upon graduation, a student may be prepared for college, a postsecondary training program or the workforce.

    Shared-time Option

    The shared-time option requires a commitment from students to attend two high schools simultaneously. Students will complete academic requirements for high school graduation at their local high schools and will develop career and technical skills in one of the programs offered at Paramus. Uniquely, students have an opportunity to graduate from high school prepared for several paths: college, postsecondary training school or workforce entry.