• In a time when mental health services among children are on the rise, Educational Enterprises proudly supports Mindfulness programs in Education


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    Research supports what we as educators already know; children can’t learn when they are stressed or distracted. Yet, nearly one in three adolescents will suffer from some type of anxiety disorder by the age of 18. With this growing concern, mindfulness is being embraced by educators to help address the “whole” child, including their emotional needs so that students will be more available to learn.

    Exciting neuroscience research shows that mindful practice actually rewires the brains to support learning.  The statistics speak for themselves:

    Measuring Mindfulness

    We at Educational Enterprises are excited to support this movement and are thrilled to introduce our Mindfulness Program to the educational community. Please contact our office to see how we can bring this program to your district.

    We can offer the following services at your site:

    • Weekly lessons on mindfulness and/or yoga brought directly to your students

    • Comprehensive support for your staff to bring mindfulness into their classroom, including a 12 lesson curriculum on mindfulness and ongoing support as needed

    • Professional development training tailored to your specific needs, for staff

    Topics include:

    • Mindfulness - Be Present to Learn

    • Encouraging Wellness through Mindfulness for Staff

    • Flexible Bodies / Flexible Minds - Yoga in the Classroom

    • Chaos to Calm:  Building Resilience in the Classroom



  • For information about this service, please contact:

    Teri Kelly
    201-343-6000 x5845

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