Therapeutic Yoga and Mindfulness in Schools


    Brings the benefits of Yoga practices through a team of children’s yoga-certified physical therapist and occupational therapist.

    Direct Student Services

    • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
    • Strength and Flexibility
    • Self-Regulation Strategies and Sensory Integration
    • Memory and Concentration

    Consulting Services – On-Site Trainings for Staff

    • Staff Training on the benefits of yoga and acquisition of basic principles and practices in schools. Workshop participants may include teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, physical education teachers, and parents



    • Decrease Stress and Anxiety
    • Promote Emotional Regulation
    • Strengthen Interpersonal Skills
    • Improve Attention and Focus
    • Improve Cognitive Outcomes

    Can include staff workshops/trainings, implementation of a full mindfulness curriculum.


Contact Us

  • For information about this service, please contact:

    Teri Kelly
    201-343-6000 x5845