New Services 2019-2020

    • Counseling Services by School Psychologist – School-based therapy, group or individual – includes collaboration/consultation with staff members to identify at-risk cases


    • Home Instruction by Special Education teachers, after-school


    • CST Coverage by School Psychologist or LDTC as needed


    • Adult Life Coordinator to work with families as students transition from school to adult programs (guidance with agency alignment, funding, and available programs for adults with disabilities)


    • Job Coaching after school hours


    • AT Tools for the Special Education Classroom - AT specialist will visit the classroom to determine which technology tools might benefit the classroom as a whole


    • Job Coaching students with behavioral challenges - designed for students who can participate in pre-vocational experiences and need more significant “on-the-job” behavioral supports in order to socially and behaviorally navigate their environment successfully – includes supports by job coach and behaviorist


    • Mindfulness Curriculum – classroom instruction and/or teacher training in order to integrate on-going, school-based mindfulness practices


    • Audiological Evaluations – by licensed audiologists to identify degree and type of hearing loss


    • Bilingual (Spanish) Learning Evaluations – by licensed LDTC


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  • For information about this service, please contact:

    Grisel Espinosa
    201-343-6000 x 6500

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