New Services 2018-2019

  • Counseling Services

    Counseling Services by School Psychologist - School-based therapy, group or individual - includes collaboration/consultation with staff members to identify at-risk cases.


    Home Instruction 

    Home Instruction by Special Education teachers, after-school.


    CST Coverage

    CST Coverage by School Psychologist, as needed.


    Adult Life Coordinator

    Adult Life Coordinator to work with families as students transition from school to adult programs (guidance with agency alignment, funding, and available programs for adults with disabilities.)


    Job Coaching

    Job Coaching after school hours.

    Job Coaching students with behavioral challenges - designed for students who can participate in pre-vocational experiences and need more significant "on-the-job" behavioral supports in order to socially and behaviorally navigate their environment successfully - includes supports by job coach and behaviorist.


    Mindfulness Curriculum

    Classroom instruction and/or teacher training in order to integrate on-going, school-based mindfulness practices.


    Teacher Assistant "Shadower"

    One-to-one training for classroom or individual TAs in order to effectively support instruction and/or implement behavior plans.


    Audiological Evaluations

    Conducted by licensed audiologists to identify degree and type of hearing loss.

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