Adaptive Equipment

  • Adaptive equipment is any device or piece of equipment that serves to improve a student’s functional abilities while in a school or community setting. In a sense, adaptive equipment helps to compensate for a disability and allows the student to engage in classroom activities to the fullest extent possible.

  • Adaptive Equipment Includes:

    • A school chair or desk which has been customized to fit the individual needs of a student, thus enabling them to sit properly and attend to various classroom activities
    • Modifications to equipment found not only in the academic classroom, but also in vocational and career educational areas, science labs, cafeterias, art rooms, and many other specialty areas
    • Special mounting devices for communication devices, notebook computers and switches to ensure both safety of the equipment and optimal use by students


    Adaptive Equipment Services

    • Consultation and evaluation
    • Collaborative problem solving
    • Design and fabrication services
    • Repairs, adjustments and modifications to existing equipment

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